Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is a blog?

Just now googled "What is a blog?" Basically, it is an online journal of everyday activities. That gives me full liberty to say that I watched the movie 'Proposal'. It was so funny especially the nude scene. Just couldn't stop myself with a chuckle but laughed out loudly. Movie was hilarious. Sandra Bullock expressions were good even though inbetween it felt like they were trying their best to make us laugh.

Did two days of shopping...getting ready for High school reunion and at the same time for a vacation to Chicago via Memphis and back to Dallas via Branson, MO. Did not start packing. Only two days left.

Continuing from where I left yesterday. Last night, I watched the movie "End of the other line". Yeah, I know this blog is not about movies but apperently it is turning out in that way. Anyway, the movie is about a call center girl from India falling in love for a bank customer who is an American and lives in NY. The movie shows about call center employees having two lives, one acting out as an AmerIcan with American name and other one, being as an Indian with Indian customs. This girl who in her 20's creates a bond with an American over the phone, solving his credit card problems. The guy casually invites her to meet him at a SF restaurant. Inspire of being engaged to some guy in India, the girl takes risk and comes to SF to meet him, but freezes after seeing him and runs away.. Eventually they meet and romance starts inbetween them. The rest you can guess, nothing different. What amazes me is in real life, it's unimaginable for a such thing to happen as first of all, American guys don't even notice an Indian unless the girl is wearing heavy makeup with lot of skin showing, long legs, high heels. Okay he finally noticed maybe because the guy prefers simplicity, smartness in her but romance or love at sight, not possible. if he is expecting, one night stand...yes, that's quite possible but going for her sake to India and breaking up the cultural barriers and not thinking about pre-nup and getting ready for marriage. It is quite unthinkable. So that's why it is a movie, so totally fake. I am not discriminating anybody but when it comes to marriage, everybody thinks before comminting. Infact, my opposite house neighbors are inter-racial couple, American guy & Indian American girl. Wish I could know more about them then maybe I can understand about how things work out. Of course, finally everything comes to 'LOVE', the unconditional love.

Continuing with my life, I bought a beautiful dress for my reunion from Banana Republic. Even without a trace of makeup, the dress makes me look beautiful. Not a stretch but truth, some dresses gives you that glow. However the dress can be, in the end, all it matters is to have a right attitude...poise. Hope to have a fabulous time in Chicago downtown.

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