Saturday, July 17, 2010

He loves me or loves me not..

Unknowingly yesterday, I saw a French movie 'He loves me or loves me not'. It was about a girl who was in a illusion that a married man loves her and thinks that every minute thing happening in her life is because of him. When in fact, the guy has no clue about her at all. She showers him with all love messages and gifts and creates havoc in his married life. At the end, he finally figures out who is behind all these mayhem. She will be sent to psychiatric treatment and he will leave the town.

I feel sorry for such people. Even though, you want to be good but if you have no control on your brain,, you tend to do all wrong things. It happened with me. Even though, I knew I was doing wrong and being silly and immature, I did not have control on my actions. I think, this is where self-discipline comes under play, which I think is hard to achieve unless you are trained from birth.

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