Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun time shopping with Piano teacher!!

My kids ex-piano teacher is an American woman. Because of last years sudden health episode, she decided to follow strict diet by restricting herself to home cooking and to Indian food. She asked me to take her for grocery shopping.

Along with my kids, we went to her home and picked her up. We did almost one and half hour of shopping, going through each isle and explaining how and where to use. She teaches 80 kids but as this is summer and not that many kids are learning, she has barely enough time to cook. I am glad she wants to follow strict diet instead of eating in fast food restaurants.

From there, we went to the Indian restaurant. Made her to buy buffet as in that way she can try different kinds of curries. She liked it and that's good. We had a very good discussion about almost everything even about Lady Gaga too.

Interesting fact by her:

"One day I asked my friend's mother why everyone liked her so much and she told me that Jasmine (the name of my friend) always appeared to be having fun. She said that when you act like you're having fun, soon you are having fun and people are drawn to a happy person.
I started doing that and to my surprise she was right. If you look for what is good in a situation instead of what is going wrong, your outlook changes."

Teachers can get so caught up in watching for what is wrong in a performance, and often I have to remind myself to look for what is right also"

We came back to her home. Kids played their current songs. She is like a grandma to them. They love her and she loves them. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

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