Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daughters are precious!!

I have a five year old daughter who is going to be six in a week. She is my biggest fan. Wish she will adore me all throughout her life. But I have to be realistic that her priorities/interests will change and soon she will discover that everything mommy does or do is nothing special.

For now, I am enjoying all her attention. She likes whatever I do. She wants to dress up like me. Anything I do or anything I like, she likes. She wants to watch my silly antics more than once. Sometimes I get tired and say that's enough. If I sing and dance crazily for my favorite song, she mocks me and will do the same. And that song becomes special. We both enjoy shopping too. I try different things and she will be the critic. Sometimes she gives me some odd color outfit to try but I say something and come out of it. As she is still young, she won't get upset that I said 'no'. Thats the speciality of this age.

She showers me with hugs and kisses and says all the time ' I love you mommy'. Even on the shower glass, she writes ' I love you mommy' inside a heart. People who have kids whether single or married should never say ' they are alone or they don't get the attention'. You just have to have an open mind and look around you. Nobody can love the way kids do. There heart is so pure.

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