Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dare to answer questions related to your hubby/BF/Life Partner

I made up these questions for my HS reunion to have fun with my GFs:

1. What you most admire in your husband?

2. What's the most annoying thing in your husband?

3. Who is the actor with whom your husband resembles with?

4. What's the one quality in your husband which you are envy of?

5. Who can be that man for whom you don't mind to cheat your husband?

6. On a scale of 1(least) to 10( best), how do you rate your first night?

7. How do you seduce your husband?

8. Who is the leader on the bed? If not you, why? If yes, what advice you will give to your buddies?

9. Why did you chose your husband out of many fish in the ocean?

10. If you have a wand in your hand, what's the one physical feature you would like to change in your husband?

11. What's your one favorite thing/day in your married life ofcourse other than your kids?

12. God forbid but by any chance if you encounter a fling or a mutual admiration for an opposite sex, will you tell your husband or will you keep it secret?

13. Is your marriage the way you thought it would be ? If so, how? If not, why?

14. What kind of household help your hubby does which makes you call him with whatever sweet adjectives exist?

15. What's the most annoying thing your hubby finds in you?

16. Have you done any provocative thing just to irritate your hubby? If so, how? If not, what can you do to get on his nerve?

17. If you have to sum up your marriage in a song, which song it would be?

18. Do you watch hubby preferred movies or does he watch your kind of movies? What was it? 

Can't wait to hear from my friends....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Corainder Chicken

I made this dish for my kids piano teacher. She and her husband just loved it. This is how it is done. Feel free to try!!

Coriander chicken recipe:

Ginger-1 1/2"inch
Green Chillies-10
Salt to taste
Plain yogurt - 3/4cup
Onion-2 finely chopped
Water-as required


First wash the chicken 
In a Blender add Coriander, Ginger, Garlic, Greenchillies and grind with out adding water. 
And to the bowl add washed chicken, grinded paste, salt, yogurt, onion mix it nicely and keep 30 mins to marinate. 
In a wok, put oil when it is hot pour marinated chicken saute it for a while. 
Now add salt,cashewnut paste,water little and close the lid and allow to cook competely. 
When it is ready transfer to serving bowl and garnish with coriander. 

Best of luck!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is a blog?

Just now googled "What is a blog?" Basically, it is an online journal of everyday activities. That gives me full liberty to say that I watched the movie 'Proposal'. It was so funny especially the nude scene. Just couldn't stop myself with a chuckle but laughed out loudly. Movie was hilarious. Sandra Bullock expressions were good even though inbetween it felt like they were trying their best to make us laugh.

Did two days of shopping...getting ready for High school reunion and at the same time for a vacation to Chicago via Memphis and back to Dallas via Branson, MO. Did not start packing. Only two days left.

Continuing from where I left yesterday. Last night, I watched the movie "End of the other line". Yeah, I know this blog is not about movies but apperently it is turning out in that way. Anyway, the movie is about a call center girl from India falling in love for a bank customer who is an American and lives in NY. The movie shows about call center employees having two lives, one acting out as an AmerIcan with American name and other one, being as an Indian with Indian customs. This girl who in her 20's creates a bond with an American over the phone, solving his credit card problems. The guy casually invites her to meet him at a SF restaurant. Inspire of being engaged to some guy in India, the girl takes risk and comes to SF to meet him, but freezes after seeing him and runs away.. Eventually they meet and romance starts inbetween them. The rest you can guess, nothing different. What amazes me is in real life, it's unimaginable for a such thing to happen as first of all, American guys don't even notice an Indian unless the girl is wearing heavy makeup with lot of skin showing, long legs, high heels. Okay he finally noticed maybe because the guy prefers simplicity, smartness in her but romance or love at sight, not possible. if he is expecting, one night stand...yes, that's quite possible but going for her sake to India and breaking up the cultural barriers and not thinking about pre-nup and getting ready for marriage. It is quite unthinkable. So that's why it is a movie, so totally fake. I am not discriminating anybody but when it comes to marriage, everybody thinks before comminting. Infact, my opposite house neighbors are inter-racial couple, American guy & Indian American girl. Wish I could know more about them then maybe I can understand about how things work out. Of course, finally everything comes to 'LOVE', the unconditional love.

Continuing with my life, I bought a beautiful dress for my reunion from Banana Republic. Even without a trace of makeup, the dress makes me look beautiful. Not a stretch but truth, some dresses gives you that glow. However the dress can be, in the end, all it matters is to have a right attitude...poise. Hope to have a fabulous time in Chicago downtown.

Daughters are precious!!

I have a five year old daughter who is going to be six in a week. She is my biggest fan. Wish she will adore me all throughout her life. But I have to be realistic that her priorities/interests will change and soon she will discover that everything mommy does or do is nothing special.

For now, I am enjoying all her attention. She likes whatever I do. She wants to dress up like me. Anything I do or anything I like, she likes. She wants to watch my silly antics more than once. Sometimes I get tired and say that's enough. If I sing and dance crazily for my favorite song, she mocks me and will do the same. And that song becomes special. We both enjoy shopping too. I try different things and she will be the critic. Sometimes she gives me some odd color outfit to try but I say something and come out of it. As she is still young, she won't get upset that I said 'no'. Thats the speciality of this age.

She showers me with hugs and kisses and says all the time ' I love you mommy'. Even on the shower glass, she writes ' I love you mommy' inside a heart. People who have kids whether single or married should never say ' they are alone or they don't get the attention'. You just have to have an open mind and look around you. Nobody can love the way kids do. There heart is so pure.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

He loves me or loves me not..

Unknowingly yesterday, I saw a French movie 'He loves me or loves me not'. It was about a girl who was in a illusion that a married man loves her and thinks that every minute thing happening in her life is because of him. When in fact, the guy has no clue about her at all. She showers him with all love messages and gifts and creates havoc in his married life. At the end, he finally figures out who is behind all these mayhem. She will be sent to psychiatric treatment and he will leave the town.

I feel sorry for such people. Even though, you want to be good but if you have no control on your brain,, you tend to do all wrong things. It happened with me. Even though, I knew I was doing wrong and being silly and immature, I did not have control on my actions. I think, this is where self-discipline comes under play, which I think is hard to achieve unless you are trained from birth.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun time shopping with Piano teacher!!

My kids ex-piano teacher is an American woman. Because of last years sudden health episode, she decided to follow strict diet by restricting herself to home cooking and to Indian food. She asked me to take her for grocery shopping.

Along with my kids, we went to her home and picked her up. We did almost one and half hour of shopping, going through each isle and explaining how and where to use. She teaches 80 kids but as this is summer and not that many kids are learning, she has barely enough time to cook. I am glad she wants to follow strict diet instead of eating in fast food restaurants.

From there, we went to the Indian restaurant. Made her to buy buffet as in that way she can try different kinds of curries. She liked it and that's good. We had a very good discussion about almost everything even about Lady Gaga too.

Interesting fact by her:

"One day I asked my friend's mother why everyone liked her so much and she told me that Jasmine (the name of my friend) always appeared to be having fun. She said that when you act like you're having fun, soon you are having fun and people are drawn to a happy person.
I started doing that and to my surprise she was right. If you look for what is good in a situation instead of what is going wrong, your outlook changes."

Teachers can get so caught up in watching for what is wrong in a performance, and often I have to remind myself to look for what is right also"

We came back to her home. Kids played their current songs. She is like a grandma to them. They love her and she loves them. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beyond My Imagination

Something happened in my life has changed me completely. It made me think who I am and what do I want from my life.

It all started in 2008. I think it was my best year after marriage of 9 years. I don't know how it sounds for readers after finding the reason for my ecstasy but I was ecstatic and just unbelievably happy and confident and had something to look forward in life. I literally felt I was floating high in the sky and pretty green grass everywhere. The world looked so beautiful!

I am mother of two talented kids who in 2008 were learning swimming at a local swim school. That time I met a swim instructor who instantly started showing interest and was very nice with me. Its not only him but even the other instructors too. After college, I did not get that kind of attention for a long time. It made me feel good about myself that they all wanted to be nice and consider me as their friend. Wait!! don't jump to conclusions by thinking that as this as some self-indulgent story about a wife who got bored.

I am a shy person by nature who is ignorant of many things as I was not exposed to many people in life. I can talk nicely with people whom I know but I am not good enough to make new ones. Due to my upbringing, even in my college days, my world was small, college, home, studies. That's all it was. I never had any social life. So obviously after marriage too it was same as I am in new place, new environment and living with a new person. You might be thinking how can a life partner be a new person. Yes, I did not know him as mine is an arranged marriage. My marriage has been decided within a day. That's how it works in my culture. The person whom I got married is good but just doesn't have empathy or feelings for a partner. He never gave me the feeling of that I am special and I need attention, the warmth feeling of a life partner, the fun of being newly happily married couple. He had no idea of what a marriage was or what it was to have a life partner. From the time our life has began as partners, he started criticizing my family, my city, anything related to my history. I was so shocked as I did not expect this from marriage. I had high hopes of someone treating me like I am special and he feels that he has been truly blessed for getting married to me. He will treat my birthday as a special day but nothing of that sort happened as he was immersed himself in his life and we started living like roommates. There was no friendship, no easy and fun communication and most important thing no empathy.

Anyway I have taken life as it comes and I raised my kids with best of my abilities. I surrounded my life with my family and their needs and did not even know if anything I was missing but it all changed as I said.

You might think this is another story of infidelity but as you read further you will find, there was no infidelity but a person truly wanted to have a close friend who really likes her for what she is and would consider her a lot and give her high privilege to her thoughts and advices.

When the instructor showed interest on me and was trying to find ways to have a long conversations by occasionally sharing his personal stuff like what are his interests. It made me like wow! some one really gives importance to me, someone can really see me being existing, someone really want to talk and share their life with me. So every week, I used to look forward for the class as it used to make me feel that I am alive. The way he used to look at me with sad face as if he wanted to express that he too misses someone like me in his life. We had a very less talk but our eyes used to talk. Occasionally, he used to give a slight smile. I don't wear make up at all but I started wearing and I started dressing up well, giving special attention to nitty gritty things. I know sounds more like a classic case of flirting, right? I just wanted to look my best. That's all!!
Everything around me looked just unbelievably beautiful. I was confident that I can do anything I want and everybody will agree with me. I am in control of my things. I can try million ways to explain to you about my feelings but there are no words to express. You have to feel it on your own. I really never thought that one person can transform me and give me that feeling of effortless happiness. Nothing used to bother me, if something goes wrong or against my wishes, it never bothered me. I was like whatever. The funny part was when I was in Sam's Club, I was humming a song, at least that's what I thought until I saw a guy who passed next to me gave a sly smile. You can't believe I put on 10 lbs of good weight as I was under weight after two continuous pregnancies. I don't have poker face so I was glowing and my husband used to feel good too seeing me happy and so energetic. My doctor too was happy with my blood results. World could not be better!!

Anyway, all these ended when he decided to take a bank job and that's it my whole life changed. Suddenly, I was down on Earth but the world looked like barren land. I sobbed everyday and my heart cried so much. I continued to do my motherly chores on outside but inside I was so depressed. It was like taking away girl's favorite bear from her. My life was so upside down. Nothing seemed same. I used to get irritated on every minute stuff. I was not myself. Before I did not even know what is exactly happiness but now after tasting it, now I know what a melancholy state of mind is.

Fast forward it to 03/07/2011.....crying my heart out of the way things turned out. Love should never happen one way, either both should fall or none should happen. J, my heart grieves after looking at 2008 video which I took of you when you were teaching kids how to swim. Looking at that video, made me realize how naive I was, how unknown I was about you. There was purity in what I saw, there was hope but now if I think of it, makes me cry to think that you don't mind of losing me or being far away from me. My heart cries when I think about me being nothing for you....dead or alive, it doesn't affect you. Wish I saved all the letters which I wrote when I was desperate to contact you. My brain and my eyes were so fully covered by you. I was under invisible veil, totally over took by you. I don't know what you think about my letters and me. Have you deleted all the letters. Wiped me off completely, thinking that's the end of the crazy person. Well, if I think of 2008, wish you could have not flirted with me if you were not serious. Well, I understand, how could you have known that someone can go deeply, madly crazy for you. It's not your fault. It is God's fault for playing such a crude joke. I don't know when I'll become alright. Wish you could have at least once spoken with me properly. Wish you could have given me assurance that what I saw and felt was true.  Wish there is light under the end of the tunnel. Wish there was a meaning to this plight. Do you think we will ever meet?